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New Deal Announcement ~ Automotive Company Bridge Loan Funded

Flatbay Capital announces the funding of a $2.2MM Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate Loan for a Central Texas-based automotive organization. The 15-year-old company provides repairs for domestic, Asian, and European vehicles.

Distributor Warehouse Austin, TX
Automotive Company | Central Texas

The Situation?

The Texas-based automotive company experienced positive trends in cash flow as the covid era came to an end. However, in 2022 the owners took on merchant cash advance loans with high-interest rates and aggressive amortizations hindering the company’s cash flow.


The Turnaround Story!

Why is Flatbay bullish on this company’s outlook? Flatbay offered debt consolidation as a solution to the client's financial difficulties. The term loan paid off the incumbent lender, the merchant cash advance lenders, and also provided additional cash out for working capital. Even with new monies advanced, our solution resulted in an increase of $35,000 in monthly cash flow for the client. This injection of funds will help to improve the financial situation of the client, provide more flexibility and allow them to focus on carrying out their plan to boost sales back to pre-covid levels.

Flatbay Capital LLC specializes in non-bank commercial real estate loans/lines $1MM+ secured with owner-occupied commercial real estate.


“It always feels great when we can provide a solution drastically improving a company’s cash flow. The owners have been proactive by investing in their employees as well as new software that brings accountability to the sales team and transparency to the customers. The turnaround was already in motion, they just needed Flatbay’s help cleaning up their balance sheet. We’re excited about bringing them on as a client.” ~ Scott Deal


Auto Repair Business

San Antonio

$2.5 million



$2.5 million

Oil & Gas Manufacturer Houston

$4.3 million


Real Term Sheets + Competitive Terms + No DSC Requirements


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