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Pedestrain Bridge


Focusing exclusively on commercial real estate financing, Flatbay Capital, based in Texas, is a valuable partner to traditional banks as well as other asset-based lenders who provide other non-CRE financing such as accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment.


Flatbay Capital LLC provides commercial real estate financing solutions for asset-based borrowers. We focus primarily on owner-occupied office/industrial properties across major US markets. For companies seeking a short-term bridge loan ($1MM+) with creative deal structuring and competitive rates, Flatbay Capital is the answer. We are a direct lender, but we’re not regulated like traditional banks, which allows us flexibility in our risk assessment approach.


Understanding where our clients have been, where they are now, and where they are headed is important. As companies grow and change, sometimes resources need to be redirected, and a short-term solution is necessary to regain stability and long-term growth. We are the right partner to help along this detour. Owning real estate is not our plan, and we are not designed to replace the banking relationship. Flatbay Capital exists to be part of the turnaround story, helping our clients, who may or may not be in a positive cash-flow situation, bridge the gap to qualify once again for traditional financing and in some cases, avoid bankruptcy.


As our name suggests...we are here to calm the storm and provide confidence for everyone on board that the path ahead offers an opportunity for success. Our approach is smooth and balanced, providing a competitive product valued by our clients and referral sources alike.

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