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  • Q: Who is the typical borrower?
    A: Our clients are private middle market companies seeking an alternative to a bank loan, whether it’s an issue with their credit or a need for faster funding.
  • Q: What are the deal size requirements?
    A: The minimum loan size is $1MM. We have numerous syndication partners for deals above $7MM.
  • Q: Are you a hard money lender?
    ​A: Our solutions are competitively priced in between hard money loans and bank loans.
  • ​ Q:  Do you offer construction/development loans?
    A: We lend based on the as-is sales comparison value of the appraisal. Cash out from a refi could be used towards your construction/development plans for your property.
  • ​Q: What are the collateral requirements?
    A: We require a 3rd Party Appraisal, Environmental Survey Assessment, Operating Company Income, Security Interest and 1st Lien Deed of Trust
  • ​Q: What is your typical LTV for a loan on undeveloped land?
    A: Loans on undeveloped land are usually up to 50% LTV.
  • ​Q: Do you take equipment or other boot collateral into consideration?
    ​A: Yes, we can include equipment as part of the collateral package. We also have great partners who specialize in this category and can assist directly with getting you a more competitive structure on M&E.
  • Q: What is the process for securing a loan with Flatbay Capital?
    A: First, we collect and review company financials and upon approval, we then initiate a term sheet and conduct a property visit. Upon term sheet signing, we begin the due diligence process and collect fees from the borrower to cover costs for a 3rd party appraisal, environmental survey assessment, legal and title work.
  • ​Q: How long does it take to fund a loan?
    ​A: Upon signature of mutually agreed terms, funding typically takes 4 – 6 weeks.
  • ​Q:  Do you work with borrowers with IRS liens on the company’s assets?
    A: Yes, we can payoff any outstanding debt at closing, including the IRS, to secure the 1st lien deed of trust on the commercial property, or we can work with the IRS on a subordination plan.
  • ​Q: What documentation is needed to receive a loan proposal?
    A: Documentation requirements include a copy of the property’s most recent appraisal (if available), current year interim month-end financials, year-end financial statements for the past two years, and documentation/description of the ownership structure.
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