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Refer a Commercial Real Estate Deal

Partner with Flatbay Capital and Be Rewarded!

Complete the form below for your customized referral response. 



Brokers welcome! We will work with you on commission splits

~ Commission Example ~

$3.7MM Office/Warehouse CRE Loan,

broker earned a 3% of the net origination fee in the amount of $111,000.

Charitable/Scholarship Fund

Commercial Real Estate Lending

 In lieu of a commission payment, Flatbay will fund a scholarship or charity organization of your choosing with proceeds from the origination fee.

Sample Donation:

$2.5MM Industrial CRE Loan, banker earned a 2.5% origination fee in the amount of $62,500, which was donated to a charity of their choice

~ Donation Example ~  

$2.5MM Industrial CRE Loan =

a donation of $5,000 was made to the

banker's charity of choice.

Let's chat about your deal. Complete the form and we will be in touch.

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